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Author Topic: Syncing Large Projects  (Read 716 times)


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Syncing Large Projects
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:06:30 pm »

Looking for some guidance or see if anyone else has encountered this issue.

We are a large electrical engineering firm and utilize Bluebeam as a document repository for all project documents. This allows access on the go and in the field. I have a 256gb iPad Pro 10.5”. When I try to sync all 15 folders each week it will get to about 1GB of files downloaded and then the iPad will give a warning that I am running low on memory and need to close open documents or apps.
Bluebeam will shortly after crash and I start over again.  I go through this 1-2 times a week until all folders are synced and docs are on my iPad.  We upload roughly 1-2 GB of data a week to this project.

I only download all info to my iPad because cellular service at the construction site is very poor and non existent if I am inside the customers building. I’m not in the jobsite trailer all day would prefer carrying around an iPad than 2000 drawings.

Any insight is welcome.  Also I just stopped syncing our “Archive” folders and this seems to relieved this issue a bit but it is still not operating the way I would expect.


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Re: Syncing Large Projects
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2019, 07:02:17 am »

Since the iPad is saying it is running out of memory and wants you to close apps, then it sounds like a RAM issue and not a "hard drive space" issue.  Not sure of how Revu iPad internally works, but it sounds like it is trying to copy all of your syncing files to the iPad RAM, and THEN copy them to the iPad.  If that's the case, the only solution I can think of is that you'll have to sync in smaller "chunks" - maybe a project folder at a time (all depends on size of folders).

I believe Bluebeam does provide tech support for the iPad app - but only via email.  I don't think a service contract is required for iPad support.  There should be an option in the iPad app to contact support.
Steve Jones
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Re: Syncing Large Projects
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2019, 12:06:42 pm »

We are also syncing a large Project (3.6GB, 13 root folders, multiple sub-folders 80+), same iPad specs mentioned as well as different versions. all of them are using v3.9.6 Revu latest iOS 12 and 12.1 and 12.2.
I have not encountered that memory error, we sync everything thru wifi since the iPad is non-cellular. We are syncing daily for use in the field without a connection and so we don't have to carry drawings, very similar to what you have explained.

We are dealing with orphaned folders when syncing which is a pain.
Basically once the iPad has synced the project and one was to update the Project from a Desktop, the iPad does not recognize the file has moved/deleted/etc. in the Project, a copy remains on the iPad in the original folder location (lock icon removed). The file is now orphaned on the iPad (local copy saved on the iPad) it will sync the new file in the new location. So we now have issues of the file in two different locations, one remains local to the iPad will not update the Project anymore. We often manual clean the iPad up which is a pain so we are working through a better way as the Sync function doesn't behave how other sync function do when moving files within the Project on different devices.

Bluebeam has been aware of this for over 3 months and they have only acknowledged the error with no resolution.
I'd also suggest email, they are responsive to helping, just not with resolving the problem once identified and they can replicate.

I'd be curious if you also see this orphaned file error. This happens on all our field devices, would be surprised if you don't see this as well.