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Author Topic: A future Bluebeam Forum?  (Read 2808 times)


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A future Bluebeam Forum?
« on: September 03, 2019, 09:49:26 AM »

If you've followed along in the "A Future Forum" Board ( you will know I was in contact with Bluebeam about the closing of their user forum.  One of their tech staff actually reached out to me when they learned about RevuHelp.  I had originally contacted Bluebeam about the possibility of moving their archived forum messages into this forum.  I got a resounding silence to that offer - which I took as a "no".  And didn't expect to hear any more.

The person who reached out to me seemed to be in charge of online web based support tech writing / tutorials as well as help system tech writing.  He was excited by RevuHelp and said there was definitely a plan to do a new forum as Bluebeam was overhauling it's entire support system.  He called me on the phone and invited me to participate in testing sessions and idea sessions on a new support system.  He took my info and that was the last I heard.  Fast forward about 4 months and I reach out to him again to see what is happening.  I get no response.  I look on LinkedIn at his profile - he no longer works at Bluebeam after 6+ years.  He is now IT Service Desk Manager for a laundry system company.  When I saw that I reached out to two other contacts I had made within Bluebeam.  Never received a response from either of them.

I don't know, but I feel there has been an exodus (voluntary or otherwise) from Bluebeam technical support with the goal of forcing everyone that wants more direct one-on-one support to need to ante up for the maintenance plan.  As of right now, I wouldn't hold my breath for a new Bluebeam based user forum.

Just sharing what I know and my personal thoughts.
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