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Author Topic: Sessions: Active hyperlinks when imported from Project  (Read 455 times)


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Sessions: Active hyperlinks when imported from Project
« on: October 25, 2021, 09:56:13 AM »

Dear Revu Developers,

We need to have hundreds of pages linked together in a Session. I know this is available in Projects, but we like having it in Sessions; it's much easier for the 150+ people we're collaborating with. It's nice to have one document with all of the pages in order. This mirrors something we're used to.

Anyways, our engineers are struggling to download the one large file. It's about 70MB, which for me downloads in about an instant, but for folks around the globe who do not have access to fast or reliable internet, the download will fail and they are not able to access it. Our proposed solution is to separate the file into 3 or 4 files that are hyperlinked together. However, it is not possible to have inter-linked documents in Sessions. Please consider adding this as a feature.

I know that linked files need to have an address on the server. Perhaps it would make it possible to link the files using a Project, and then the files added to a Session could link to each other using the Project? In that way, I could manage the Project on the 'backend,' and my team would still only have to use the Session.

Thank you for your consideration!