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Author Topic: Sessions: Allow access to users who have email addresses from my company.  (Read 478 times)


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Dear Bluebeam Revu Software Team:

It would be extremely helpful if we could automatically allow people to join a Revu session based on their email domain. I would love a checkbox or something in the "Admit Attendees" window to allow people to join based on what their email domain is.

I have recently started a Session that will be disseminated through several different groups at my company, and I have no way to proactively approve all the new people. I also do not want to allow anyone with the link to be able to access the Session. I want anyone who works at my company to be able to access the Session.

This has been a huge issue for at least 4 other sessions in the few months I have been working with this current project, and I am sure that this has been an issue for my colleagues for years, who have just sort of dealt with not being able to gain access to various sessions for an unknown amount of time. My group frequently opens new sessions for document review at various stages of our project process, and each time, we either happen to be part of the email list, or have no way to find out who to contact to get access.

I understand that the domain access issue could be a security weakness, but that's why it's a great candidate for a checkbox: To opt in.

This will save me a huge amount of time and a great headache.

Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to contact me for other questions, or a screenshare call.