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Author Topic: Location to dump files on error  (Read 783 times)


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Location to dump files on error
« on: August 19, 2021, 11:49:15 AM »

I've had network problems with Bluebeam *forever*, and have lost countless hours of work because of these problems.  What's frustrating is that they'd be super easy to fix - if you can't write to a location, just write locally (to a folder specified by the user).  Autorecovery is great, but only works in some cases.

Here's what happened today:
  • Opened a file yesterday that was on the network
  • Did work to it - lots of work
  • Stopped for the night and closed laptop
  • Laptop disconnects from network VPN, file lock is released
  • Coworker opens the same file on their laptop
  • I turn on my laptop, realize I haven't saved, click "Save".
  • I get an error message "There is a problem reading this file, which may be caused by a network issue. Please attempt to fix that issue and then retry."  I click "cancel" since "retry" surely won't work - not without finding out who has the file open.
  • Bluebeam closes the file without saving.  (Revu.log: "(file) had to be closed without saving, the save process was critically interrupted. System.UnauthorizedAccessException: File access exception.")
  • I am sad.

So, my request: If you hit an error like this, could you just save it to my local drive?  Sure seems like an easy fix that would save countless hours of rework.  You could even get fancy and list it with the autorecover files, but I'd be happy if it was even saved to C:\BluebeamStuffYouWouldHaveLost\.