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I thought I would share a bug I reported to Bluebeam a couple weeks ago.  Bluebeam Tech Support verified it was a repeatable bug on their end and it has been logged to the Developers to look into for a fix in an upcoming maintenance patch.

I have a drawing set that consists of 123 separate drawings.  I assembled the drawings into a set, then added in the addenda drawings.  I then ran Batch OCR on the set.  After Batch OCR completed, about a dozen drawings had been rotated - some 90 degrees clockwise, some 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and one was rotated 180 degrees.  I was able to fix this simply by rotating the pages back to landscape - but it shouldn't have happened in the first place.  Also, after rotation these pages all presented an OCR Module Error Report dialogue box that read "DRAWING NAME : Failed to replace document pages."

BUT - one sheet was rotated at what looked like about 15 degrees counter-clockwise.  But the paper on this last one was still in landscape layout - so part of the drawing actually rotated OFF the "page" and was no longer there.  The original drawing was of a plan of a section of a building that was drawn at that about 15 degree angle.  It looked like the OCR rotated the image of the building to match the Y-axis of the paper to make the walls of the building parallel to the edges of the paper.  We played with turning off and on the "Correct Skew" and "Detect orientation" options in the OCR settings - but they all still rotated.  I sent the files off to Bluebeam and they were able to reproduce the error in 2016 and 2017.  I am using 2016 Extreme.

As I said, I was able to rotate the ones that went 90 degree and 180 degree back to their correct orientation to fix them.  The solution for the 15 degree rotating drawing was simply to not run OCR on that sheet at all.

I'll share any updates I get. 

Just happened again on another set.  I took a screen shot of the drawing partially rotated with content disappearing off the page.  The only fix was to close without saving and not run OCR on it.  Beside this partially rotated drawing, one was rotated 180 degrees and 24 were rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

I will be interested if this is fixed in the 2018 version. I currently combine pages and OCR them in Acrobat and then work with the files in Revu.

Acrobat's OCR will rarely, but still too often, rotate pages 90" CW/CCW but never does anything other than ninety degrees.

I just started noticing this bug today. I had it happen when I ran OCR on a set of interior design drawings, single file with less than ten sheets. About six sheets were rotated clockwise inexplicably. I thought it was happenstance but I just ran OCR on a gypsum board submittal of 123 pages and three sheets came out rotated.

There appears to be a bug. I didn't have this issue on other OCR files before downloading the most recent version to fix the print file issue.


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