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Can't delete unlinked flag in Bluebeam 2017


After creating an unlinked flag, using the little flag button with a plus sign, I'm unable to delete that flag. Hitting delete key, right click delete, clicking the delete button, etc have no effect. Linked flags delete just fine. Occurs in multiple files and confirmed on my co-workers workstation.

Sent Bluebeam an email. Anyone else confirm this?

Using Bluebeam Revu x64 CAD version 2017.0.40

Same version of Bluebeam here and I see the same issue.  Can't delete unlinked - can delete linked.  It also looks like once you assign an action to an originally unlinked flag you can't delete that action like you can to markups.  You can only change the action.

Got a response from Bluebeam. This is in fact a bug but unfortunately is only fixed by upgrading to 2018.

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately this is a known issue that was resolved in a later version of Revu, Revu 2018. This is just an inherent issue with Flags in Revu 2017 and the only fix for the issue is to upgrade to 2018 or downgrade to 2016 as we won't be releasing updates for older software. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue causes. Let me know if you have any questions!

Well, that's disappointing.  I don't agree with not doing such updates for the PREVIOUS version of the software.  It's not like you are asking to fix a bug in Revu 2013.  Especially when so many people are holding off on updating to 2018 due to the drastic interface changes.


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