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Couple of issues - 2018.0/2018.1



2017.0.40 processed wipeouts fine.

2018.0/.1 both cannot handle wipeouts / leaders with masking works normally but wipeouts don't.

Model Space works fine - paperspace is where the issue.
hide object works - but doesn't process wipeout at all.

when viewing the file in Revu @ 100% shows black out where wipeout is
zomming in shows lines/bars - then upclose they dissappear - however printing shows full blackout where wipeout is. - looks redacted!

Adobe viewing doesn't show any issues on viewing - but printing places a grey box - but does still show text at least - still NOT OK.

We typically don't use Wipe-outs - but was a drafter that did previously and can fix but not going to fix 100's of files at print - preview - especially when detecting is harder due to next bug / change below

Next - Print preview - we previously had a a full screen option on preview to verify borders and margins were good - now its stuck in the same small screen - No full screen option on the preview - designers would use that occasionally and not thrilled its gone now.

to be fair designer narrowed issue down to drawing in this case - however expects the issue is still more related to 2018.x as it didn't affect 2017.x


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